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Meghan Markle’s Secret Trip Was to Visit Her Jewish BFF

It’s back-to-school season — and we’re also back on the Jessica Mulroney beat here at Kveller. (Did we ever leave it?)

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has a well documented friendship with  Mulroney, a Canadian Jewish stylist and mom of three. Mulroney’s kids practically stole the show at the royal wedding, and Mulroney has saved the day (style-wise) many times for Markle.

The latest chapter in their friendship? Markle snuck out of England to visit her friend. (And she flew commercial. Gasp!)

Royal reporter Omid Scobie tweeted, “Duchess Meghan quietly travelled to Toronto last Tuesday for a three-day stay at the family home of close friends Jessica and Ben Mulroney.”

He also reported:

Just how did she sneak overseas under the radar?

Apparently, Kensington Palace sent a letter to Air Canada “asking that no one take the Duchess’s picture or approach her on the flight.”

But some people spoke to the press. According to a source on the flight, “Meghan was lovely. She had two secret service guys with her, but it was all very low key. Meghan had one glass of champagne before settling down to watch Book Club. She seemed very relaxed and sipped on peppermint tea during the journey.”

Royals, they’re just like us: They love a Diane Keaton/Jane Fonda film.

There was no evidence of Markle’s visit on Mulroney’s insta; only a picture of her and her sister, Liz Brownstein. Perhaps Meghan took it?

Another possible clue: Mulroney appears dressed up for a night out (maybe the “evening out with friends” that the royal reporter tweeted about), posted on the day that Meghan was there. But wouldn’t we have seen paparazzi photos? Or maybe Canadians really are that nice and respectful.

FWIW, we give the boys’ matching sports pajamas two thumbs up.

Header Image via Kensington Royal on Instagram.

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