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Need a Menorah Tonight? Make One of These

With Hanukkah almost here, we’re sure menorahs are on your mind! If you’re in the market for a new menorah and are feeling a bit crafty, we have put together a helpful DIY list of some GREAT menorahs to create! Check it out and enjoy making these with your kids. Happy Hanukkah!

What does some newspaper papier mache and school glue get you? A relatively cheap and easy to make menurkey from Bible Belt Balabusta. Break out the brown paint and let your kids perfect the turkey!

This Menurkey is made with a batch of salt dough, and it looks crazy real. This “chef” named her Menurkey, Betsey–just an F.Y.I.

For the “handyman” family, this “man-orah” is pretty cheap and uncomplicated to make. There’s a PVC version and a LED version. We think the LED version is pretty cool.

Some love it, some hate it, but these marmite jars make for a pretty cool looking menorah. Add some tea lights and you’re good to go!

Suffering from coffee breath? Have a mint, and make a menorah out of the Altoids tin! We love this mini-travel menorah. For the family on the go–this one’s for you.

And last but not least, the “dormenorah” for your kids in college. This menorah is made out of an old yardstick and some plastic Easter eggs.  LED tea lights–genius.

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