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News Roundup: Deadly Home Births and Underparenting

This week’s parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

– This week’s 60 Minutes reported a trend towards “redshirting,” in which parents hold their children back to give them an upper hand in academics, athletics, and popularity. (CBS News)

– Even for full-term babies, staying in the womb just a week or two longer could potentially make a difference in the results of academic testing later in life. (MSNBC)

– Do your kids really need to drink four glasses of milk a day? And is eliminating dairy from your diet the key to getting rid of chronic heartburn? (NYT)

– Making your kid the center of your life might make you miserable… and it won’t help your kids one little bit. (Jezebel)

– Ovarian tissue transplants might just be the answer for cancer patients rendered infertile by chemotherapy treatments. But if women put off childbirth for too long, will it put their children at a disadvantage? (Slate)

– Do you feel like a taxi driver for your own children? If so, you’re not alone. Studies show that more and more parents are shuttling their children to-and-fro. (Washington Post)

– Home births are becoming increasingly popular, but with a lack of adequate medical equipment and poorly trained midwives, these births can be deadly. (The Daily Beast)

– The Solomon Schechter day school network has been affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism since its founding in the mid 1950s. But with declining enrollment, will Schechter choose to abandon its denominational affiliation? (The Forward)

– A new trend, called “underparenting,” advocates for a hands-off approach to rearing your little ones. Those who practice underparenting say that it will help fight an increasingly frequent and unpleasant pattern of helicopter parents and spoiled children. (New York Magazine)

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