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‘Nude for All’ Campaign Breaks Racial Stereotypes in Lingerie Ad

Aren’t you tired of the fact that many cosmetic and clothing companies sell products in “nude color” only meant for a small percentage of the population? Unless you live in some 1955 bubble where the world is like “Leave It to Beaver” and everyone is white, you know that skin doesn’t come in one color. Actually, it comes in a whole variety and gradients of beautiful colors and shades. Unfortuantely, the marketing world hasn’t always realized this.

This is precisely what Catalina Girald realized when she saw Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Girald, a former gymnast herself, was shocked by the fact that Douglas, who is African-American, was wearing a “nude” ankle wrap that didn’t match her actual skin tone. She stated in Adweek:

“I wore ankle wraps many times and hadn’t ever thought about the fact that they don’t make them in other colors. It made me realize that ‘nude’ is not ‘nude’ for everyone.”

This is why Girald launched her lingerie company, Naja, which just debuted its new line “Nude for All,” which she co-founded with “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez. The lingerie line has nude pieces available in seven different shades for every skin tone. The ads themselves feature 10 racially and ethnically diverse women. These woman come from different backgrounds–one is a software engineer, while another is a soloist for the San Francisco ballet–their stories will be posted on the company’s website later this summer.

Girald also stated that she’s trying to raise more awareness overall when it comes to racial diversity, stating:

“We wanted to make people smile, and then, make them realize that there’s a broader issue here. You see the race and ethnicity issue more than anything.”

It’s about time every skin color was not only accepted, but celebrated.

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