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Passover Shopping Guide 2013: Setting the Seder Table

Once you’ve got the seder plate covered, there’s still a few more things you might need for your seder table. Take a look through some of our favorite items available today, like multi-purpose kiddish cups and matzah-themed everything. Happy shopping!

1. Michael Aram Wisteria Kiddish Cup ($85) This beautiful stainless steel kiddish cup is a work of art for your Passover table.

2. Flip-It Recycled Glass Jewish Kiddish Cup & Shot Glass ($14.95) Made from 100% recycled glass, this kiddish cup is not only eco-friendly but doubles as a shot glass when you flip it over. L’chaim!

3. Matzah Plate by Michael Aram ($79) It’s a matzah plate that looks like a piece of matzah, so nobody can claim to be confused when helping you set the table.

4. Matzoh Themed Salt Water Dipping Bowl ($11.95) An extra matzah flair for your salt water display.

5. Henna Paisley Matzah Cover & Afikomen Bag ($45) Hide your matzah in style with this matching set of paisley accouterments.

6. Benson Mills Clear Plastic Tablecloth ($9.98) Perfect for the kids’ table.

7. Kay Collection Salad Plates – Set of 4 ($32) A lot of food ends up being served at a seder. If you need more plates, might as well get this adorable set.

8. Exodus to freedom Luncheon Napkins ($9.99) What makes these paper napkins different from all other paper napkins? The colorful Exodus scene, of course.

9. Passover Server ($5.50) Can’t serve potato kugel without it.

10. Matzah Crumb Sweeper ($5.99) One thing’s for sure: matzah is messy. Sweep up all those crumbs with a special hand-held sweeper.

*By purchasing any of the above items from Amazon and ModernTribe, a portion of the proceeds will help support Kveller, which would make us one very happy not-for-profit website.

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