Pink Is Passing On Her Jewish Identity to Her Kids in this Powerful Way – Kveller
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Pink Is Passing On Her Jewish Identity to Her Kids in this Powerful Way

Superstar and super-mom Pink (real name: Alecia Beth Moore) doesn’t leave her kids at home when she tours. Her children with husband Carey Hart — Jameson, 18 months, and Willow,  7 — have accompanied her on “Beautiful Trauma” tour since it kicked off last summer.

As the singer told Reese Witherspoon on her new talk show, Shine With Reese, “Going on tour with children is really tricky. It’s exhausting. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, But I’m very, very fortunate that I get to bring my kids with me and that I kind of get to integrate them into my life.”

When Pink performed in Berlin in August 2017, she brought her daughter to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Pink explained that her daughter told her, “this could have been us.”

And later, Willow said Berlin was her favorite city to visit, explaining to her mom, “Because there was a wall and people were separated, and there was a war and people were killed, and now everybody’s together and there’s no more wall and there’s no more war and that means everything that’s bad can be good again.”

Pink said, “And I’m just listening to her and I’m like, ‘You’re amazing and you’re totally right: Everything that’s bad can be good again.'”

Pink’s performance in Berlin last summer happened at the same time neo-Nazis marched through Charlottesville. The pop star shared an Instagram post that began with, “It’s incredible to watch neo-nazis march in 2017, while I, a Jewish woman, headline a show in Berlin where these tunnels were built by him, built curvy so he couldn’t be shot in the back.”

As Kveller contributor Melissa Henriquez wrote at the time, “Her words were beautiful and heartfelt …  But what struck me most is I’d never heard Pink identify explicitly as a Jewish woman so clearly before tonight. I knew her mom was Jewish and her dad wasn’t, but that she was raised without religion and is a self-described lover of the human race. Yet in the wake of everything going on in the world, it appears that her Jewish core is shining through — and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

A year later, it’s amazing to hear that, through their world travels, Pink’s kids are also learning about their Jewish heritage.

Header Image via Pink on Instagram.

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