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Rachel Weisz Says Her 3-Month-Old Daughter Looks Like Husband Daniel Craig

Rachel Wesiz, the 48-year-old Jewish actress, welcomed a daughter with husband Daniel Craig this past August. This is her second child — her first with Craig — and she joined the club of other Jewish celebrity moms who had kids over 40 (which, go them!).

Weisz announced her pregnancy while on the press tour for her Orthodox lesbian drama Disobedience this past spring, and she’s now on another press tour, promoting her new film The Favourite.

The movie — which looks incredible, BTW — means, of course, a press tour, which means Weisz will be sharing lots more fun tidbits about herself, her family and her marriage! While on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, there was a delightful exchange between Colbert and Weisz on the subject of her new baby.

“How have you been?” Colbert asks.

Weisz responds politely (and Britishly), “Very well, thank you.”

Colbert, prodding, says, “… and very busy, cause you had a baby!”

“I did,” Weisz says, smiling, “That is a very busy schedule.”

“Three months ago, right? Congratulations, that’s wonderful!” Colbert says, “Little girl, right?”

“She is,” Weisz nods, clearly not giving up any details! After a brief discussion of the “baby daddy,” Colbert asks, “Does the child take after you or Daniel?”

And Weisz says, “She does look very much like him, she really does.”

Now we’re picturing a mini-Daniel Craig — and clearly Colbert is, too. “Steely blue eyes and big shoulders?” Colbert jokes.

Daniel Craig

(Side note, now is the perfect time to revisit the story of Daniel Craig carrying their daughter in a baby carrier that made many misogynists upset.)

Weisz also explains that, while the family lives in both the U.S. and in London, they don’t plan to raise their daughter as British or American — rather, “human.”

You can watch the full interview here:

And the trailer for Weisz’s new film, The Favourite:

Header Image The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Screenshot via YouTube


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