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RECIPE: Hanukkah Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

December is a wonderful, busy, festive and sometimes complicated month. Hanukkah. Holiday parties. “Home Alone” on TV. Christmas cookies.

But I have never believed Christians should own the exclusive rights to the holiday cookie part. After all, Jews love cookies too.

You may have the latkes covered. And the sufganiyot. But some festive Hanukkah cookies would also make a wonderful addition to your holiday spread this week.

RECIPE: Parsnip-Sweet Potato Latkes

You could try your hand at making some gorgeous royal icing decorated cookies to really impress your friends and family. Or you could make some simpler, classic peanut butter kiss cookies all gussied up in sparkly Hanukkah-blue sprinkles.


I didn’t do anything to alter the classic recipe (if it ain’t broke…) other than in the very last step. Instead of rolling the peanut butter dough balls in 1/3 cup regular sugar, I rolled them in a variety of sparkly blue sugars/sprinkles and then baked as usual.

RECIPE: Hanukkah Beignets

Where to find such beautiful sprinkles? Check out your local Michael’s, baking supply store or just online at Amazon.

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