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rosh hashanah resolution

Rosh Hashanah Resolution: More Resolutions from Our Readers!

To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Here are resolutions from three of our readers.

From Cori, Levittown, NY: 

My husband and I have an interfaith marriage. My oldest son is currently having some issues with organized religion in general, but specifically with Judaism at this time (possibly related to bar mitzvah lessons). His Jewish identity is practically non-existent. This year I would like to help him through this and hopefully strengthen his Jewish identity, but at the very least resolve some of his confusion and doubt. In doing so, I hope that my littles will also develop a stronger Jewish identity.

From Ronni, Albuquerque, New Mexico:

In 5774, I resolve to better allocate my time and energy so that in each 24 hours I can be a creative Jewish educator, a patient and competent caregiver, a supportive virtual savta (grandmother), and an active blogger.

From Amy:

My husband and I are always telling our son to “cultivate an attitude of gratitude.” It’s advice we would do well to take ourselves. We are thankful for all the many blessings in our lives, but we’re also always looking ahead to what’s next on the horizon. A certain amount of this is helpful–how else would we advance and set new goals otherwise–but our whole family could use a good dose of paying more than just lip service to gratitude.

So this year, I’m sitting our little family down and we’re going to create a gratitude board. As a family we will come up with not only what it is we are grateful for (our house, toys, having enough to eat, etc.) but how to show our gratitude. To show our gratitude for having enough to eat, we can cook more of our own food rather than going out to eat so much. Instead of shopping for new tchotskies to beautify our living room, I can focus on keeping it clean and decluttered, and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful memories we already have. To show our gratitude for our family, we take the time to celebrate Shabbat together. This year, my family is going to focus not just on the surface of gratefulness, but on how our actions reflect our priorities.

From Kyla, Vancouver, Canada:

My Rosh Hashanah resolution is to complete my conversion! I have been converting for, I’m not kidding, 15 years. I have a bit more Torah to finish reading and some writing to do. This is the year!!

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