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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gave Jennifer Lopez Incredible Relationship Advice


We’re back with some uplifting news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg — and this time we’re bringing Jennifer Lopez along, too. 

In a surprising turn of events, Lopez, 50, is just as obsessed with the Supreme Court Justice as we are. “She’s an amazing woman,” the “Jenny on the Block” singer recently told Jimmy Fallon. 

Yes, OK, everyone knows RBG is amazing. But what we’re here to tell you is that, on Tuesday, in an interview with Good Morning America, Lopez revealed a marriage secret Ginsburg shared with her and her fiance, MLB star Alex Rodriguez. And it’s a good one:

“I was there with Alex and I was like, ‘What’s the secret? Tell me something. I’ve been at this for a minute and I need some advice,’” Lopez said. “She was just beautiful and said, ‘Sometimes it helps to be just a little deaf. If you hear an unkind word, let it go.’ It was super wise.” 

Are you plotzing? It’s OK — we’re plotzing, too. But wait, there’s more! RBG’s advice actually came from her own mother-in-law on her wedding day to Martin Ginsburg, who died in 2010. Lopez was so inspired by the Ginsburgs’ happy 50-year marriage that the diva knew RBG would have sage advice. And she didn’t disappoint!

But wait — let’s back up. Just how did Lopez wind up in Ginsburg’s chambers?! Apparently, the singer is a longtime fan — she even watched her documentary the weekend she got engaged to Rodriguez. So, while on her “It’s My Party” tour — which took her to Israel! — Lopez was set on inviting the famous Jewish mom to her concert. 

“It’s a little bit late for me,” RBG responded to Lopez. And so, Lopez went to her.

After the meet and greet, Lopez tweeted a heartfelt passage on what an honor it was to meet her idol: “I so look up to her as a person, a woman, and a human being; but also as a wife, a working woman, and a passionate advocate for equality for women and minorities, the underprivileged of this country. I am in awe of her, watching how powerful and sharp she is, how clear and full of wisdom.” 

Lopez said she loved the top-notch marriage advice Ginsburg passed down to her, but her favorite response was to a question she posed about how she and Rodriguez could help at a time when the country is “so broken” and “divided.” 

“She said, ‘keep doing what you’re doing, inspiring people and living by example. You must continue to change the world with your respective gifts,’” Lopez said. 

Is there a future Notorious RBG and JLo collaboration in the works? Probably not. But a girl can dream!

Image via Allison Shelley/Stringer and James Devaney/Getty Images

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