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traveling with kids

Schlepping the Kids Somewhere? Best Tips for Traveling with Kids


Now that Memorial Day weekend is here, we can officially say it’s the start of summer. Yes, we know that summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but symbolically speaking, the holiday weekend really kicks it off. So what does that mean? Ice cream and family vacations.

We don’t have to tell you that traveling with kids is hard, no matter what. This is why we rounded up some of our favorite and most helpful articles about how to go somewhere with your kids without going completely nuts.

Here are our favorites below:

Yes, It’s Possible to Fly with Your Baby and Not Go Crazy

What Traveling with My Child with Disabilities Has Taught Me

A Change in Travel Plans–and a Reminder to Let Go of Control

How to Relax Over a Long Weekend

10 Tips for Flying with Kids

10 Tips for Surviving Road Trips with Kids

How in the World Do I Pack for Four Kids?

*Bonus: We love this funny video a New Zealand dad made about traveling with a baby.

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