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Send in Questions for our Resident Bubbe!

As seen by the very existence of this blog, parenting is no walk in the park. No matter how long you prepare or practice or pray for things to go smoothly, there always comes that point when you feel, well, stumped.

That’s where Shyrla Pakula comes in. Shyrla will be joining us as an advice columnist of sorts. And what makes her qualified to dish out Jewish parenting advice, you ask?

Shyrla is a doctor, lactation consultant, cookbook writer, Orthodox Jew, and former parenting columnist. Oh, and the mother of seven children. And a grandmother to six.

We’ll be dispatching Shyrla in all the way from Australia, but even though the water there swirls the other way in the toilet, we’re confident that Shyrla’s expertise will still come in handy to any and all of our readers’ needs.

So, here’s an open call for questions. Ask us anything, from how to get seven children to all smile for one picture, or what to do if your toddler hates chicken soup. Whatever’s giving you stress, send it our way and we’ll hook you up with the smartest bubbe on the block.

Send all questions to

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