Serena Williams May Have Won a Major Tennis Tournament While Pregnant – Kveller
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Serena Williams May Have Won a Major Tennis Tournament While Pregnant

After her snapchat post showing a curvy belly and the words “20 weeks,” tennis phenomenon Serena Williams has set off speculation that she’s pregnant. And The New York Times connects the dots:

“Williams, 35, won the Australian Open in January for her record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam singles title. If she is 20 weeks pregnant, she would have been pregnant during that tournament.

She has not played a tournament since then, withdrawing from events in Indian Wells, Calif., and Miami last month, citing a knee injury. She is ranked No. 2 in the world, but will return to No. 1 next week despite the absence.”

Serena Williams is formidable, one of the best athletes ever (she’s literally not playing tennis and still number one)—and I root for her forever, on the court and in life.

But her accomplishments, especially while pregnant, can make the rest of us feel a little bit insecure. So, I’d like to point out some of my own grand slam victories from my early pregnancy days: the grand slam of eating string cheese, bagels, saltines and more string cheese–or the grand slam victory of dry heaving twice on my way to the subway and twice on the way back.

There was even the come from behind victory of finding four separate times and places to nap in the course of an ordinary workday, and the surprise win of waking up, being hungry, crying, nauseous, sleepy and insomniac at the same time— no one saw that one coming!

OK, OK. If Serena is really pregnant, I won’t compete: I will just wish her a huge mazel tov and watch eagerly to see how gracefully she handles the next phases of impending motherhood.

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