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Special Needs

Shopping Cart for Kids with Special Needs Is Now Available at Target

Today is a big day for Target. Besides their announcement about launching a gender-neutral bedding line, there’s this: A shopping cart for kids with special needs will now be available at most of its U.S. stores. The cart was designed by Drew Ann Long, a mom in Alabama whose daughter, Caroline, was born with Rett Syndrome.

Caroline’s Cart has a built-in seat that accommodates a person up to 250 pounds and faces the caregiver as he or she is pushing the cart. This will allow families with kids with disabilities and special needs to be able to shop more conveniently. Long’s 15-year-old daughter, Caroline, inspired her mom:

“It blows my mind. My goal is for every retailer that has a shopping cart on their campus to have a Caroline’s Cart. If you’re going to provide for the able bodied, I believe you should also provide for the disabled.

So many families were left out of the shopping experience. It has been an amazing journey and we’re just getting started. We will even grow more.”

Because of her rare genetic disorder, Caroline cannot walk or talk. So when Long would go shopping in the past with Caroline and her other two children, Caroline had to sit in a regular shopping cart–which is great until it’s not, because kids eventually outgrow them.

As of now, thousands of Caroline’s Carts are available at stores including Kroger, Publix, Wegmans, and Whole Foods, although Target will be the biggest chain to add the buggies in its stores. The buggies can also accommodate adults, not just kids.

Watch the video below to get more of an idea about how Caroline’s Carts work:

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