Show & Tell: 7-Year-Old Yalta and Her Multiplying Dolls – Kveller
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show & tell

Show & Tell: 7-Year-Old Yalta and Her Multiplying Dolls

This is the eleventh post in our portrait series, Show & Tell, which features children ages 4-12 photographed with their favorite object. 

Who: Yalta, age 7

What: DDs (Real name is Dina)

show & tell

Zivar Amrami

Why: She received DD from her grandparents when she was a baby. Yalta is very attached to her doll, so she was sad when her mom thought she lost it. Her mom panicked and went online, where she was able to find two more. Yalta’s mom thought she’d switch them out to wash them, but Yalta discovered the new dolls, and has been attached to all three ever since.

DDs are her favorite, because they are so soft. She sleeps with them always, cuddles them, and puts them in cozy blankets to stay warm. Yalta no longer takes them out with her, but is sure to check in on them when she opens the door.

To learn more about Show & Tell and how you can participate, click here

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