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Moms Just Got Another Reason To Love Target

You probably don’t need another reason to love Target. But you just got one: The retail giant recently announced that they’re adding pumping and nursing rooms to their “next generation” stores.

True, nursing a baby in a store’s dressing room is a fairly tried-and-true mom trick. But now, Target’s new and newly remodeled stores will feature dedicated nursing rooms. So far, about 40 locations nationwide have the discrete space, located near the fitting rooms, that appear to include a comfy chair and footstool.

Such upgrades are part of Target’s recent $7 billion investment into improving its business. In addition to the feeding rooms, the revamped stores also throw a bone to parents who are exhausted from schlepping kids in and out of the car all day long: There’s a new “drive-up” service, in which Target employees provide curbside delivery for your online purchases.

Target’s long been at the forefront of inclusive, family friendly policies (not to mention cute, cheap clothes and housewares). They’ve been public with their support of breastfeeding, and offer gender neutral clothing and clothes for kids with disabilities.

So, for all that — to say nothing of their surprisingly tasty $5 bottles of wine — we’ve got to hand it to Target for being, well, right on target.

Yay for Wednesday! 🐫 📷: @amyshamblen

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