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Thanks to 4D Ultrasounds, Moms Everywhere Are Freaking Out

A man on Reddit recently announced that he and his pregnant wife are the freaked out parents-to-be of a real live smirking demon-faced baby, writing in the post, ““Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds.”

While he was obviously joking and making light of the strange new technology, many other moms are genuinely freaked out by the images. One mom from The Bump is afraid her baby is going to be ugly (as if that’s the worst thing to ever happen), with many moms echoing her concerns in the comments, many fearing they may have big-nosed children. One mom said it best:

“I think they all look like old men floating…honestly, they creep me out and I’d never pay to get one done.  My Dr. does have the capability and when I had an u/s on Tues, he kept switching over to 4d…I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Alien.”

Another mom posted on What to Expect that her 4D ultrasound photos made her feel depressed:

“I had my 4d ultra sound today and the pictures where terrible now I’m so depressed. Has anyone else had one and the baby looks distorted and not normal. I am so depressed about this I was so happy to be having a baby now I just cry.”

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Let’s not forget that ultrasounds are images of babies while they are still developing. It seems like many of these moms need their doctors to gently remind them of that small BUT crucial detail.

Can’t we just stop for a second and realize how cool the technology is? A 4D ultrasound creates an actual video of the 3D image. Apparently, the world isn’t ready for this yet.

And maybe this is why you should never get 4D ultrasounds.

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