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The 5 Wine Slushies You Need to Survive Summer

Ever have those times when you just can’t decide between a chilled cocktail or a nice glass of wine? I experience this regularly, and have found the answer: wine slushies.

What I think I love most about wine slushies, aside from often being bright and beautiful, is that they are so easy but seem kind of fancy. All you need is some wine (it doesn’t even have to be good wine), some frozen fruit and a blender. When you think about it, this is practically health food, since it includes a hefty serving of fruit. I’m quite certain your nutritionist would advise drinking several of these daily. Especially if your kids are driving you nuts.

So if great iced coffee isn’t helping with your summer survival, then maybe switch gears and try one of these gorgeous drinks.

Strawberry peach rosé slushie from Vinepair

Blackberry wine slushies from

Watermelon white wine slushies from Cook the Story

Peach wine slushie from Dessert for Two

Rosé wine slushie from Style Me Pretty

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