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The Best Digital Cameras for Taking Photos of Your Kids

Hey, I’m Stacey, a mom to my crazy drama queen little girl, Remy, who is almost (gasp!) 1 year old! I also happen to be a professional photographer. The lovely ladies at Kveller have so kindly brought me on board to share tips, inspiration, guidance, and more during your adventures in photographing your kiddos. I specialize in weddings and also, my passion, lifestyle family/children photography. Feel free to check out my work here.

In the meantime, have you ever wondered what the right kind of camera would be for your photo taking needs? Here are my suggestions, based purely on my preference (i.e. nobody’s paying me to say it).

I recommend two different cameras, both made by Canon.

1. Canon PowerShot S100 Digital Camera

This camera is more of a high-end point and shoot. I have the model that came out before this, the s95 and whenever I recommend a NICE point and shoot to someone this is what I strongly recommend. It has AMAZING image quality, you have the option to shoot manual and automatic, it is EASY for the average Joe to use, and it is small and simple. It has still and video. It is just a REALLY great camera! To tell you the truth, I have taken this camera on trips with me instead of my larger cameras because I know I will still get great quality for not a lot of bulk!

2. Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital Camera

This second camera is what is called a DSLR (digital SLR), I do not have this camera myself, but it is one that I am considering getting as a more simple, but still great quality camera to take on vacations, random photos, video, etc…

Some of the nice features on this camera are that you can use different lenses. For me it was important that I could use the Canon lenses I already owned with this body. You also have touch technology, meaning that you can use touch the screen to pick your focus, similar to how you would on your iPhone. You have the option to use either the screen or the viewfinder for viewing your subject, which many of the point and shoots don’t do but all the DSLRs do. You also have video on this camera, which has auto focus, making it more user friendly.

Both of these cameras are great options, but they do range pretty dramatically in price from one another… Neither are on the low end of the price scale in the digital camera world… however, I do feel that you will get your money’s worth! I think the T4i is more of an investment, something you have to be committed to using or it is not worth wile since you have to also purchase a lens, CF memory card, etc. The S100 is simple, easy, and you can use your older SD memory card, so no need to spend more on it.

If you have other recommendations for cameras, share them in the comments below!

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