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The Cheapest and Easiest Purim Costumes for 2023

Young girl dressed up as sheep, wearing gold crown

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Purim 2023 is coming… so soon! I’m honestly not ready for the Jewish holiday, which begins on the evening of March 6.

Last year, I wrote about how pajamas make the best Purim costumes, and I still maintain that. But if you’re looking to take things a bit further, here are some easy and inexpensive costume ideas for Purim 2023 that go beyond the regular Queen Esther, Vashti, Mordechai or Ahasuerus (no shade if this is your costume of choice, gotta love a classic).

If you’re looking for more fairly easy DIY costume inspiration, I highly recommend Primary’s DIY costume pages. This is not sponsored by Primary in any way, but I do love their soft cotton clothes, and I love that you can reuse the costume in day-to-day wear (and if you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative, Hanes has similar cotton basics).

Wednesday Addams

Netflix’s “Wednesday” has been a delightful family binge for many of us, and dressing up like Wednesday and her fam is pretty easy!

Woman’s Wednesday dress

Wednesday dress for kids

Black thigh high women’s socks 

Black thigh high kids’ socks


All you need to dress up as Bluey, Bingo, Chili or Bandit are two-piece outfits that are blue or orange. You can deck them with some fabric markers for spots or some felt. Add some ears or a mask and done.

DIY Bluey from Primary

Bluey and Bingo ears

Or you know, just go and buy the costume because it’s less than $30 dollars and you don’t have time for that.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Honor a Jewish legend with this super easy costume. Just get yourself, or your kid, a black gown and a jabot. Maybe a gavel and some vintage glasses if you’re fancy. Et voila.

Black gown for adults

Black gown for kids


Peppa Pig

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Peppa, but if your kids like the British pig, getting a Peppa Pig costume is quite simple.

Red dress

DIY Peppa mask


Red pants, red shirt, Elmo hat! Three easy steps to becoming everyone’s favorite little monster from “Sesame Street.”

Red pants

Red shirt

Elmo hat

A bagel

All you need is some foam board, paint, glue and a couple of straps and white or nude basics to wear underneath to become your favorite carb for Purim. What Jew Wanna Eat has a really great bagel and lox costume instruction, but you can totally strip it down and just make yourself or your kid an everything bagel.


All you need is lots of felt, a hot glue gun and scissors for this costume. I think a baby hamantaschen would be super cute.

DIY hamantaschen costume

Or buy a hamantaschen costume if you can’t be bothered.

Jamie Lee Curtis from “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

A mustard turtleneck and a pair of gray pants is, I’d argue, all you really need to get into Jamie Lee Curtis’ iconic character from one of the best movies of the year. Zhuzh it up with a mustard statement necklace and a little button-up vest; a white wig and glasses complete the look.


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Mustard turtleneck 

Mustard statement necklace

Sarah Jessica Parker’s viral Carrie look from “And Just Like That…”

Is this one of the most iconic TV outfits of all time? I say yes. All you need is a pink nightgown or muumuu, a navy sweatshirt, a pair of pink plastic kitchen gloves (though you might opt to use actual gloves because sweaty plastic glove hands suck), a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, some white shoes or high heels and if you’re extra, a cigarette, candy or otherwise. BOOM. Best costume of the year.

Pink nightshirt

Blue hoodie

Silk scarf

Rachel from “Fleishman Is In Trouble”

Get yourself a pair of yoga pants (we know you have some in your closet). Get yourself a shirt that says “You Can Go Home Now.” Get yourself a haunted, harried, mom face (I already got that one!). Done.

You can go home now shirt (it’s a bit pricey so I might DIY!)

Midge Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

Looking for an excuse to buy a chic 1960s fit? Look no further. Get yourself a nice vintage dress, maybe a big hat, paint your face (the way Bubbe would!) and you got it.

Vintage style dresses

Ms. Rachel

Dress up like everyone’s morning savior, Ms. Rachel! All you need is a pink hairband, a pink shirt, and a pair of overalls. You can use them all year round. Also, this is an adorable kids’ costume!

Women’s denim overalls

Kids’ denim overalls

Kids pink T-shirt

Adult pink T-shirt

Pink headband for adults

Pink spa headband


It’s you, Mario! Mario and Luigi’s popularity remains immortal. All you need is a red or green shirt, blue pants, suspenders and some felt for extra touches.

Kids red shirt

Kids blue pants

Adult red shirt

Adult blue pants

Mario hat

DIY Baby Mario from Primary

Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”

Did you know that “Where the Wild Things Are” is a love letter to Jewish children? Share that love back with a white footie pajamas or jumpsuit, a little crown and a felt tail. It’s so easy and it’s probably the cutest baby costume ever.

White onesie

White jumpsuit for kids

Headband crown for babies

Max crown 



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