The Maccabeats' New Passover Medley Will Help You Finish Your Seder – Kveller
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The Maccabeats’ New Passover Medley Will Help You Finish Your Seder


If we’re being completely honest here — and I think we can be —  a lot of Jewish families never make it to the end of the Passover seder.

My family always insisted on a drunken, drowsy-with-food rendition of Echad Mi Yodea and “Chad Gadya,” the two final songs of the Passover seder, before calling it a night. Truthfully, everything in the haggadah after Shulchan Orech, the part where you the eat the festive meal, is rarely even skimmed through.

If you and yours also struggle to get much read or done after the eating part, we do have some good news: This year, you can outsource the end of the seder to none other than The Maccabeats.

That’s right, the Jewish a cappella group have given us a delightful rendition of the last part of the seder, Nirtzah. And yes — that includes lovely renditions of “Echad Mi Yo’deah” and “Chad Gadya” (aka Jack Black’s favorite metal song of all time).

You can watch this lovely video below, which features recreations of the post-seder carnage of wine-drenched and matzah crumb-ridden tablecloths, a replica Temple in Jerusalem built with Magna Tiles, and an excelled goat horn hat. We approve!

Image via Maccabeats YouTube


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