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The ‘Shtisel’ Cast Wishes Us All a Happy Passover

Members of the Shtisel cast

We’re still reeling from the premiere of Shtisel‘s third season on Netflix. It is such a joy to see these adored, familiar faces back on screen, even though —  phew! — this season is an emotional roller coaster! Whether you’ve already binged it all (like me!) or are trying to savor every moment with your favorite Haredi family from Jerusalem, the cast put together a sweet Passover message that’s certain to give every one of us some holiday joy.

A short video shared on Instagram by Shtisel and Yes Studios, the distribution and production studio behind our favorite Israeli show, is an adorable compilation of the series’ stars wishing their fans a happy Passover, or a zissen Pesach, if you will (that’s “sweet Passover” in Yiddish).

The video features beloved and familiar faces from Shtisel‘s first two seasons: Doval’e Glickman, aka family patriarch Shulem Shtisel; Hadas Yaron, who plays cousin Libbi; Hana Laslo, who plays matchmaker Menucha; Zohar Strauss, who plays Lippe Weiss; and Yoav Rotman, who plays Hanina, the husband of Ruchami (Shira Haas).

Of course, the video also features the new additions to the cast: Bar Misochnik, who plays Shira Levinson, who is Yosaleh’s love interest, of sorts; and Daniella Kertesz, who plays Racheli Warburg, a wealthy art benefactor whom Kiveh meets in season 3. 

The message is in three languages: Hebrew, English, and Yiddish, because this is one impressive cast! And, of course, Rotman doesn’t forget to wish us a greeting that is common among observant Jews, “yishkoach” — which literally means “grow in strength” but is an expression of thanks or congratulations. (You’ve definitely heard this word used on the show!)

Speaking of the show, the Shtisel cast also reminds us to watch the third season because, as Glickman says, “It’s good for the heart and good for the mind.” And while season 3 may break your heart at moments, in general, we can’t argue with that!

Watch this wonderful holiday message below:

Image via Shtisel Instagram

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