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There’s a New Dreidel Game, and It’s Called Spinagogue

Time to get out your dreidels out, because Hannukah is almost here. (It begins the night of December 12.)

And now, there’s a new dreidel-themed tabletop game for those eight crazy nights. It’s called Spinagogue, and its tagline is “No Gelt, No Glory!”

How do you play?

According to the Kickstarter campaign raising money to create the product — it’s now exceeded its original goal (and has raised more than $23,000) — the point of the game is to keep your dreidel spinning longer than the other players do. Spinning longer will score you more chocolate coins, or gelt; after nine spins, the person with the most gelt is the winner.

The inspiration for the game, of course, finds its origins at a Hanukkah party, of course, its creator Eric Pavony explained:

It was December 2006, I was at my parent’s annual Hanukkah party hosted at my childhood home. As always, it was an awesome holiday affair, complete with friends, family, traditional decorations, music and food. Towards the end of the night, after I had consumed an ample amount of my mom’s latkes and a fair share of my dad’s vodka, I came to a realization. Nobody had yet to spin a dreidel. Despite the fact that many dreidels adorned the table, not a single adult chose to spin one during the party. Why, I pondered.

He added that he “challenged my dad to a “Dreidel Spin-Off,” to see who could keep the dreidel spinning for a longer amount of time in a confined space.” And, well, the rest is history.

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