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These Two Super Bowl Commercials Were Surprisingly Jewish

The Super Bowl is always known for its many commercials that make us laugh and cry. This year, there were two commercials that really stood out to us, as they explored racial and religious diversity in a refreshing way. The two commercials were Google’s “Home” and Coca Cola’s “It’s Beautiful.”

Both commercials shared one major similarity: They celebrated the universal love all families share–and illustrated that families don’t just come in one race or religion in America–they come from all kinds of places and beliefs. In both ads, Jewish life was celebrated–which was refreshing to see, since often times, Jewish American life is ignored or merely joked about in major media.

Here’s Google’s ad about their product “Home,” where a mezuzah appears:

At 14 second in, you can see it:


But that’s not it. In Coca Cola’s new ad called “It’s Beautiful,” a diverse group of people are singing “America The Beautiful.” It is sung first in English, but then switches over to languages like Hindi, Arabic, and Tagalog. The ad comes at a particularly tumultuous time politically, especially for immigrants and refugees–which means it couldn’t be more timely. The U.S. needs to be reminded of its multi-cultural population and roots–because anything else just isn’t accurate, and it’s disrespectful to all who came before us.

In the video, two men with yarmulkes are included–illustrating that religious diversity is not only a part of American culture, but it’s one of the things that makes American beautiful and different. Check out the video below:

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