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This Commercial Slays Every Video About Working Women Ever

Don’t you always feel like commercials portraying what women do in their morning routines are entirely false? They make it seem like we all have brightly lit homes with perfect decor, energy for that early morning yoga, and time to make organic soy granola and yogurt for breakfast. I wish that was me, except it’s totally not.

Finally, there’s a commercial for people like us–people with stress, mess, and lack of time. You know, people who are TIRED. Organic Balance’s new commercial, “Real Morning Report,” tells it like it is–how many of us love dry shampoo (because no time to shower), that we write work emails while in the bathroom, never make our beds, and that the #blessed hashtag is literally THE WORST. It’s really hard not to love.

Need a good laugh? Watch the video below:

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