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This Couple’s Rendition of a Hanukkah Song Is Adorable

If you haven’t noticed, we’re on somewhat of a Hanukkah song beat. And in a world inundated with Christmas songs, we can’t say we’re mad about it.

So, on the 6th night of Hanukkah, we gift you the most heartwarming Hanukkah song on YouTube: a wholesome rendition of the timeless song about the Maccabee’s fight for freedom.

You might recognize Yoni and Nina Tokayer from their cover of Matisyahu’s “One Day” that went viral a couple years ago. The Israeli couple, known together as Yonina (a hybrid of Nina and Yoni), are famous for the beautiful duets they upload to YouTube every week, which often feature their ah-dorable daughter, Ashira Tzion.

Yonina’s latest video is a cover of “Rock of Ages,” or Maoz Tzur, and it’s already racked up nearly 15,000 views. While it sounds sweet and joyous, the Maccabee fight song is actually about wreaking havoc on the enemies of the Jews (the more you know!).

The way Yoni and Nina gaze into each others’ eyes while singing the song of vengeance will make you feel all the feels. Their love is so raw and beautiful that I’m 99% sure it will elicit an “awww” from everyone who watches their Hanukkah song.

Hungry for more Hanukkah tunes? Check out this one, or this one, or hey, here’s another! There’s enough to last us until next Hanukkah.

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