This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 'Period Sex' Song Was Too Dirty for TV – Kveller
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rachel bloom

This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ‘Period Sex’ Song Was Too Dirty for TV

Who doesn’t love Rachel Bloom? Bloom is the star and creator of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” our favorite TV show that focuses on being a single lady–and you know, occasionally the characters break out in song, but not in the cheesy, skin-crawling way.

One of the things I love about Bloom is the fact that she doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. In this case, she sung about having sex while menstruating. Of course, the song is called “Period Sex.” Sadly, the CW network wasn’t as keen to broadcast the song as she was. Luckily, however, the song is available on YouTube now, so you can happily tune in.

My favorite part of the song? When Bloom says to “pretend it’s cherry lube.” Check out the song below:

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