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This Is What Parents of Twins Did For Their Fellow Plane Passengers

Flying with babies can often be unpleasant for both parents and the other passengers on the plane. For parents, it’s just an added stress on an already stressful situation–remembering all the stuff you need (like diapers and formula!) on top of dealing with the anxiety when your bundle of joy turns into a bundle of tears. And of course, for passengers who just want a quiet flight, incessant crying can be frustrating, even for the most understanding person.

Well, two parents traveling with their twin 18-month-old girls figured out a way to make everyone happy: They gave out goodie bags to passengers seated within earshot.

The small gift bag included a short message, candy, and earplugs for the travelers who were flying from Newark, New Jersey, to Orlando, Florida. A picture of the note and goodie bag was then shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page by Christina Galese, one of the passengers who received the bag.

As it turned out, the babies were astonishingly good passengers, and didn’t cry once, according to Galese:

“For the record, the twins were the most adorable and well-behaved little girls ever!!

I never had to reach for the ear plugs once—the only time I opened the bag was to have a piece of chocolate. I hope this family has the most wonderful vacation!”

As of now, the post has received about 20,000 likes. That being said, I don’t think it’s at all necessary for parents to make goodie bags for plane passengers, because babies cry and it’s just a fact of life. Of course, it was sweet, because who doesn’t like getting free chocolate? But it does make me wonder if parents often feel shamed by the media so much that they have to compensate in situations like this.

Do you think it’s a sweet gesture, or unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the message in its entirety below.

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