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This Israeli Mom Was Murdered in Front of Her Family. What They’re Doing for Purim Is Perfect

This past January, Israeli mom Dafna Meir was murdered in front of some her children by a Palestinian teenager in the doorway of their West Bank home. Writing that sentence alone sent chills down my spine. Watching someone you love die in front of you, especially at the hands of someone else, is unspeakably horrific and devastating.

According to JTA, Meir was stabbed to death while fighting off her attacker in an attempt to save three of her children who were at home. She was the mother of four children and a foster mother of two young children.

Recently Natan, Dafna’s husband, and their children were trying to figure out what to do for Purim this year. Obviously, the holiday is not going to be the same without Dafna, but they not only wanted to hold tradition, but find a way to express how her death is effecting them. Natan stated:

“We were looking for a costume that expressed our conflicting feelings…On the one hand, we wanted something that expressed the sadness that accompanies us, but on the other also the holiday cheer and laughter that continues to be a part of our house.”

What they came up with is astounding: They made costumes representing different emojis–a candid way to show all of the range of emotions they’re feeling, like sadness and anger. For Dafna, they created a smiling emoji and one with a halo because she is “in a world where there is only good.”

I sincerely hope they are able to celebrate Purim surrounded by family and friends. Read the rest of the Facebook post below:

Dafna Meir z”l was murdered in front of some her children in the doorway of her family home in January. This Purim will…

Posted by Zionist Federation of Australia on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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