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Special Needs

This Israeli Teacher Has a Powerful Message for Kids with Special Needs

Chen Miller is a special education teacher in Israel. Her story, however, is extra inspiring because she was a student in special education classes as well. In a video recently posted to the popular Facebook Page Soul Mama, Miller revealed that she couldn’t read or write until she was in 5th grade. Because of this, she felt as if she would never amount to anything.

Now that she’s a teacher, Miller explains how she uses her own experience to help her students, particularly one boy who said that everyone knows he is “disturbed.”

In the video, Miller proves that words really do matter–they shape how a child perceives himself. As a former teacher myself, I can truly say without a doubt that a little bit of encouragement goes a long way. While it may seem like common sense, it’s especially important during formative experiences, as young kids and teens are still forming their identities, so being told they excel at certain things (like writing or listening) can encourage them.

Listen to what she says below:

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