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This Jewish Mom Created Inclusivity in Fashion for People With Disabilities

When it comes to deciding what to wear, we often choose things that fit into our aesthetic and make us feel good about ourselves. When you have a disability, however, clothing options can be limiting — you may be forced to choose function over style (because, for instance, you may not be able to wear clothes with zippers), so your favorite pair of jeans? They may be off the list.

This is why fashion designer Mindy Scheier set out to make fashion more inclusive. Scheier paired up with Tommy Hilfiger and released a clothing line for children with disabilities, in partnership with her nonprofit Runway of Dreams Foundation. The collection, which came out in 2016, includes pieces that integrate wearable technology and design modifications into clothing, making it adaptive and wearable for all.

So, for example, the line replaces traditional buttons and snaps with MagnaReady, a magnetic system which is designed for people with disabilities and/or limited mobility. This system makes it easier to put clothes on — and take them off.

Scheier’s son was her inspiration; he was born with a degenerative disorder that makes it hard for him wear clothing with buttons or zippers. She recently gave a TED talk, explaining how her son felt left out — and how clothing can be “transformative” as it represents our personality.

Listen to the talk to find out more:

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