This Lifestyle Guru and Jewish Mom Has a Wild Birth Story – Kveller
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This Lifestyle Guru and Jewish Mom Has a Wild Birth Story


This week on Call Your Mother, Jordana and Shannon talk to a Manhattan mother of five, Bryce Gruber. Bryce is the head of The Luxury Spot, a lifestyle website giving travel, beauty, and lots of other advice to readers. You may recognize her, as she’s often on television and is a personality par excellence — after all, she is one of Kveller’s top mom influencers!

In an incredibly honest conversation, Bryce opens up about everything from her appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker to her marriage to an Israeli she met in shul, to her most recent birth story of her fifth child which almost (literally) killed her. She candidly shares about her fierce love for Antiques Roadshow, how she almost moved to Israel to get the right medical care, and how the perfect lipstick cannot, in fact, change your life (#shocking).

Plus, Gram tells how to make child birthday parties more survivable, and Shannon talks about gifting her husband the ultimate Father’s Day present: Ambien.

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