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This Mom Had One of the Rarest Births on Record

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she often doesn’t want to find out too many surprises along the way. Well, one North Carolina family had the biggest shocker of their lives: They welcomed naturally conceived identical triplets, which is a one-in-a-million phenomenon. Yes, that’s right–one-in-a-million.

Last month, Kimberly Fradel, a mom of four, gave birth to triplet daughters Grace, Stella, and Emily. She recalled the moment her doctor told her she was having such an incredibly rare pregnancy to WTVD News:

“She had a look on her face, and . . . I could tell something was wrong. She said, ‘I think you’re having multiples. I think you’re having triplets.’ My first response was, ‘Oh, God, no. Please, God, no.’ Then she said, ‘And I think they’re identical.’ For her, it was really great to see and exciting. But for me, the excitement came, but my first feeling was sheer panic.”

So, what do the parents do to tell each girl apart? They paint each girl’s toenails a different color. Genius.

Watch the video below to see the triplets, it’s terribly adorable:

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