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This New British Version of ‘Adon Olam’ Is So Moving

Listen to 200 schoolchildren perform the Jewish prayer in honor of King Charles' upcoming coronation.


via YouTube

We love ourselves a good cover of the Jewish liturgical poem “Adon Olam,” from this excellent “Hamilton” version to this rousing Pharrell Williams parody. But a version released this week from the United Kingdom is really, really special.

Commissioned by the UK’s United Synagogue in honor of the upcoming coronation of King Charles III on May 6, it features a whole new tune composed by Stephen Levey and was arranged by the Jewish folk duo the Portnoy Brothers, who recorded their vocals in Jerusalem and New York. Yet what’s really special about this version of the song is that it’s sung by 200 children from five separate Jewish schools across the nation.

Hearing them sing the accent-tinged Hebrew words that mark the end of the Shabbat morning service is just so lovely. The fact that their heartfelt singing is accompanied by strings from a group of musicians in the Ukraine is especially moving.

What a truly unique international endeavor in honor of the new British monarch. Since we already know that King Charles appreciates a good hora, we’re sure he would love this beautiful take on a traditional Jewish prayer.


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