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This New Passover Parody Is a Journey

This Passover version of "Don't Stop Believin'" is pretty epic.


2023 (or 5783) Passover parody season is upon us — and while we’re currently working on Kveller’s first ever Passover parody, sung by Eliana Light (we’re so excited to share it with you), the usual Jewish a cappella suspects have started releasing their new seder-worthy interpretation of beloved popular songs.

First up is Y-Studs, Yeshiva University’s a cappella group, with a total classic: a parody of Journey’s 1981 hit song “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

The epic rock song, that is now over four decades old, had a revival in 2009 among a cappella fans when it was featured in the first season of the hit musical show “Glee,” a cover that outperformed the original single.

This parody, titled “Don’t Stop We’re Leavin’,” is by far the most impressive Jewish a cappella parody we’ve seen of the song to date and urges the “Hebrew people” to do just that as they depart from Egypt.

The group reenacts the Passover story with some fun costumes and props, including a pharaoh hat, plush snake, fun seder plates, plastic animals and more. We also see the group pack a suitcase of matzah that has a travel tag from “South Egypt,” with the word “Detroit” crossed out. There’s also a nod to the fact that the song played in the 2007 “The Sopranos” finale — when they sing about “animals and pestilence,” we see a sign that says “RIP Pony Soprano.”

“Whoa,” the group sings, “the seder never ends, it goes on and on and on.” No lies here, but at least Y-Studs are making it more exciting this year.

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