This NYC School Changed Its Policy to Accommodate Transgender Kids – Kveller
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This NYC School Changed Its Policy to Accommodate Transgender Kids


P.S. 146 The Brooklyn New School–located, unsurprisingly, in Brooklyn, NY–has begun allowing transgender children the right to use their preferred bathrooms and dress code.

P.S. 146 currently has two transgender students, including a trans boy named Q. The brave third grader asked his teachers and classmates to treat him and refer to him as male, and they happily obliged. 

According to WNYC, the NYC Department of Education created guidelines regarding transgender students in 2014. These guidelines specify that students should be able to use their preferred bathroom and locker room. The guidelines also state that teachers should use a student’s preferred name, but that their permanent record should reflect their legal one.

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With the help of progressive institutions like this one, hopefully the world will slowly become a less scary place for transgender individuals.

It’s no secret that transgender issues are an extremely popular topic right now, thanks to Caitlyn Jenner–who recently came out as a trans woman. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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