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This Single Dad Is Teaching Fellow Dads How to Braid Their Daughters’ Hair

Perfecting the art of a cool hairstyle is no easy feat, which is why it’s simply amazing that single dad Philippe Morgese taught himself how to style the perfect ponytail and braids. Of course, his daughter Emma is his muse. In a new series of videos for the Babble YouTube channel, Morgese shares his secrets in a few short clips.

Besides his impressive styles and designs, he emphasizes how important this is for him as a father, because it allows him to get to know his daughter more. He tells his viewers:

“It’s not just about beauty. It’s about bonding.”

Of course, what makes the videos even better is his humor. When Emma says she wants a ponytail and a braid, he says, “I heard ‘a Mohawk,’ so that’s what we’re going to go with!”

Outside of his bonding moments with his daughter, Morgese also teaches other fathers offline with his Daddy Daughter Hair Factory classes, which I think is awesome. Why shouldn’t dads learn how to style their daughters’ hair? This is often something left to moms, but why should it be?

This hairstyle is my particular favorite:

Don’t forget to check out his videos below–it may give you inspiration for you and your daughter:

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