Today's Teens Are Actually Better Behaved Than We Were (Episode 31) – Kveller
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Call Your Mother

Today’s Teens Are Actually Better Behaved Than We Were (Episode 31)

Grown and Flown

“Just you wait until they’re teenagers!”

If you’re the parent of a younger child, chances are this is something you hear often, right? It’s often directed at you when you’re complaining about food fights (“I only eat pasta!”), or dance recital costume upcharges, or something equally infuriating yet comparatively insignificant in the scheme of things. The implication is that when your child becomes a teen, all of this is gonna get SO MUCH WORSE, so buckle up!

Fortunately, on this week’s episode of Call Your Mother, we are busting that myth wide open.

Jordana and Shannon talk to Lisa Heffernan, one of the creators of the web-based community Grown and Flown, where thousands of parents confer, collaborate, and (OK, OK) commiserate about the challenges and joys of raising older children. They talk about how to prepare our younger kids to be able to launch out of the proverbial nest — when they’re older! — and whether or not it’s kosher for us to text them when they do. Plus, Lisa shares the comforting news that, in fact, today’s parents are more close to their children than previous generations.

Jordana and Shannon also talk to Gram about how while Jordana may have grown, has she really flown? And Shannon shares her most recent altercation — only verbal, thankfully, with a stranger in a movie theater.

Tune in today!

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