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Too Busy for Book Club, New on Kveller

I don’t know about you, but we used to read books. That was before the babies, of course. But we liked reading books and enjoyed the shared of experience of reading something. And talking about it. And that got us thinking. So, we present you Kveller’s newest addition: Too Busy for Book Club. Instead of books, we’ll talk about articles, stuff in the news. In other words, stuff that’s short. We are pleased to introduce Dawn Siff, a kick ass journalist and mom who will be choosing articles each week. And with that, we give you Dawn…

Dearest Kvellerati,

For years I worked in the news biz, now I work in the mom biz. I quit my job in April, a few months after my little boy was born. I realized soon after that, while momming full-time is great – best job in the world… puppies and rainbows etc – I was losing something in my ability to keep up with the outside world.

I remember going on dates back when I was young(er), (more) fabulous and single. If the guy wasn’t terribly interesting my friends and I would say, “He had no bullshit.”

So, traipsing to the park and back, hanging out at the swings with other moms, realizing “Oh I already told them that banal story,” I worried that I was running out of bullshit. I started looking for “talk-about” articles that I could mention to my friends. Occasionally we would send them around and get a good discussion going. I think, this is what book club is for, but who the F has time to read a whole book, right?

So, I give you, “Too Busy for Book Club.” Every week, in this space we’ll find a topic relevant to you, or just interesting and we want to hear your thoughts, feedback, arguments and …well, we want to hear your bullshit!

Dawn Siff

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