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Type ‘Mazel Tov’ in Facebook and Watch What Happens

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Last year, Facebook rolled out a new feature called “text delight animations.” Basically, when you type certain key words — say, “you’re the best” — a fun animation pops up.

You’ve probably realized that typing  “congratulations” in just about any language leads to a delightful explosion of confetti and balloons. So, you could type מזל טוב — that’s “mazel tov,” or “congratulations,” in Hebrew — and the animation would appear.

But if you were to use the transliteration, “mazel tov,” — which is, of course, phrase popular with Jews of all stripes  — nothing would happen.

Until now. Type “mazel tov” in Facebook and, well, watch what happens. (Hint: It involves confetti, or just click on the image below to watch.)


Other fun things you can do: Comment “best wishes,” and two hands will unfold with colorful shapes. Or you can comment “xo” and hearts pop up. Check out a list of features here. We will be 100% taking advantage of these animations!


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