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WATCH: ‘Girls’ Star Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story

I have a lot of respect for Jemima Kirke. She’s an actress, an artist, and a proud mother of two who consistently represents herself in an incredibly genuine and relatable way. Kirke, who is perhaps most famous for her recurring role as Jessa on HBO’s “Girls,” sat down with the Center for Reproductive Rights to film a PSA telling her story for their Draw the Line campaign.

In the video, Kirke tells the story of getting pregnant by a former boyfriend with whom she was not sure she wanted a lasting connection. So, as a broke college student, she scrounged up every last cent she owned, along with some of said boyfriend’s money, and underwent the procedure without anesthesia–because that would have made it cost too much.

This, she says, is the reason she believes fighting for reproductive rights is important, because all too often these services are unavailable or unrealistic for women in the United States. And Kirke hopes that when her daughters are old enough to potentially end up in the same situation, they won’t have to fight these same battles.

Her brave and poignant admission is one that is so very important for women (and men) to hear.

Watch below:

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