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We Want to Hear From Kveller Readers: What’s Your Exodus?

As the story goes, Passover is all about the Israelite’s exodus out of Egypt. And while we are very lucky to no longer be in bondage, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we want and need to break free from.

In the spirit of Passover, we want to hear about the one thing you need an exodus from this year. It could be big or small, trivial or profound. Maybe you need to break free from negative body image. Or maybe you just need to break free from Calliou. Either way, we want to hear it.

We’ll be sharing #WhatsYourExodus posts from Kveller writers and readers right here on the blog leading up to the main event (that’s April 14th, for those still in denial). Want too participate? Here’s how:

1. Send an email to info@kveller.com with “What’s Your Exodus” as the subject line.

2. In a few sentences, tell us what you need to break free from this year.

3. Include your first name and a picture we can use on the blog.

Prefer a 140-character limit? You can also tweet your exodus to us @kveller with the hashtag #WhatsYourExodus. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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