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Special Needs

What’s Fashion Like for People with Disabilities? Not Inclusive Enough

Everyone wants to express themselves. For a lot of people, expressing yourself–and your unique personality–comes through with fashion. What we choose to wear, and not wear, reflects various facets of our complicated, adroit identities–and this is a good thing. It not only allows people to see who we are, but it’s fun to wear sparkly nail polish or floral patterns.

This is why I love the mini-documentary that the nonprofit, Runway of Dreams Foundation, put together. The short film gives us a short glimpse into the lives of people with disabilities and their experiences with fashion. For instance, what is it like for people with special needs to get ready in the morning or find clothes they enjoy? Many times, the fashion world ignores their needs, limiting their options.

Michelle Brown, for instance, has MS and uses a wheelchair. In the video, she explained how it’s difficult for her to be excited her clothes and appearance, stating, “There’s nothing that I own, or nothing in my closet, that I’m excited to wear.

I sincerely hope people watch and share this video a way to understand how to be more inclusive of the differently-abled community, both with fashion and in order areas of life.

Watch the video below:

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