When You See a Baby With Down Syndrome, Don't Say 'Sorry' – Kveller
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When You See a Baby With Down Syndrome, Don’t Say ‘Sorry’

When you see someone’s new baby, the last thing you should ever say is “sorry.” This is why I love this campaign from the Canadian Down Syndrome Society called “Anything But Sorry,” which dispels myths about people with Down syndrome, and also parents of children with that genetic syndrome. The video notes:

When a baby is born parents are usually showered with oohs, aahs and congratulations. The last thing most people would say to a new parent is “sorry.” Yet this is exactly what many parents of a baby born with Down syndrome hear from friends, family and even their doctors. Already heartbroken, “sorry” offers even more heartbreak.

Part of the campaign also includes a behind-the-scenes video featuring parents of people with Down syndrome. You can also buy e-cards for new parents on the AnythingButSorry website.

Watch the videos below:

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