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Would You Pay $350 For This Doll That Helps Babies Sleep?

Getting your kid to fall asleep is one of the most frustrating things to go through as a parent–because you’re tired and all you want to do is go to sleep yourself. There are endless books, bedtime routines, and articles written on how to relax your kid before bedtime. And there’s apparently a new doll that just came out to help your child fall asleep–called the Lulla Doll.

The Lulla doll was created by Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, a mom of two boys who studied psychology. Lulla is a plush doll that helps ease children to sleep through calm breathing and heartbeat sounds. This sounds amazing, except that according to one mom, the doll sounds like Darth Vader and the Exorcist combined (but she did say the doll worked like a dream, except for how creepy it is):

“I actually found the sound quite terrifying, like something out of Exorcist. It’s quite loud and I can hear it from outside the bedroom, but it works.”

Stranger yet, the initial release of the first 5,000 dolls sold out right away, which resulted in a full out bidding war on Ebay, which drove the price from $71 to $350. Crazy, right? But maybe if you’re so sleep deprived, you’ll do anything. As of now, you can preorder the doll on Indiegogo.

Watch a video for the doll below:

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