Writer Mira Jacob on Raising a Jewish-Indian Kid in Trump's America (CYM Rewind) – Kveller
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Call Your Mother

Writer Mira Jacob on Raising a Jewish-Indian Kid in Trump’s America (CYM Rewind)

mira jacob

Happy 5780, everyone!

Mira Jacob is the writer of the acclaimed novel The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing — but it’s her most recent work, an incredible graphic memoir, Good Talk, that’s the focus of this “rewind” episode of Call Your Mother that we’re resharing with you this week. Mira’s book is about evaluating ourselves and our role in our families, as well as within society at large. Really, are there better ideas and ideals to contemplate at the start of a new year?

Mira dishes about to Jordana and Shannon about her memoir, which spans a wide range of years, starting from Mira’s childhood growing up as the daughter of Indian immigrants in New Mexico. We also discuss her life as a mother of a Jewish-Indian son in Brooklyn, and what it’s like to raise a biracial child in a time and place in which racial tensions are growing, especially when your in-laws’ political views are far to the right of your own.

If you missed it the first time around be sure to listen now! Wishing you and yours a sweet new year filled with lots of “good talks!”

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