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You Can Now Be a Part of Netflix’s New Jewish Matchmaking Show


For those who didn’t already know, Netflix has a new Jewish (!!) matchmaking show (!!!) in the works.

We have way too many feelings and questions and concerns about this project (you can read all about them here) but we are, like all Jewish parents, all about helping people find their bashert (that’s the very excellent Yiddish word for soulmate, or destiny). So we thought we’d let you know that “Jewish Matchmaking” currently has an open casting call.

That’s right, whether you’re looking for love yourself, or love playing the matchmaker (and honestly, what Jewish person doesn’t??), you can now submit or get someone to submit a one minute video about themselves to Netflix in order to try to get a match made by one of the top Jewish matchmakers out there. No word yet on who the matchmaker is, though we have some guesses.

Those answering the open casting call have to be at least 18 and residents of either the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Ireland (that’s right, they’re casting Jews on both sides of the pond!).

The show was originally pitched as following singles in the U.S. and Israel, so we’re assuming the Israel part was either nixed — or cast separately (and maybe already filmed??).

Still, this leaves room for quite a lot of Jews to apply, and we know you’ve got some single friends or relatives who would be perfect for the show (though please don’t apply for them without their knowledge!!! Consent is important in all realms!).

What does one include in a “Jewish Matchmaking” casting video? Maybe your favorite Jewish food or celebrity? Your favorite “Seinfeld” quote? Your feelings about Jewface? Or maybe just the reason why you want to marry an NJP (nice Jewish person? Can we make this happen?). If you end up applying, we’d love to know.

We honestly wish we knew more about this show, like when it’s coming to the streaming platform, but we promise to update you once we know more. In the meantime, if you’re looking for matchmaking, may we recommend our partner site Hey Alma’s Jewish classifieds on Instagram? They’ve got quite the track record.

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