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You Won’t Be Able to Guess What The Maccabeats’ Latest Parody Is About


The Maccabeats are back. And this time, they’re about to make your Hanukkah a little more delicious. If you need to get in the cooking groove for the upcoming holidays (because Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are practically back to back), these Jewish capella stars got you covered.

They recently did a parody of the popular song “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk the Moon (if you have a teen, you’ve probably heard this song on repeat for hours). But The Maccabeats version is obviously better. It’s called “Latke Recipe.” Moms everywhere, this one is for you.

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We kind of can’t get over the lyrics. They’re so true and funny, it’s almost painful:

“Pour enough oil to cover the pan
Turn up the heat but don’t burn your hands
(So many calories)
Now you’re ready to complete the plan
Gotta take a spoon and fill it, then press it on the skillet”

And there’s even a little bit of educational history for the kids. Gotta love it:

“Two thousand years
Of joyous celebration
A single jar
That burned for eight days
The food we eat
As part of our tradition
Keeps that flame alive!”

Watch the full video below:

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