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About: Avital Norman Nathman
Full Name Avital Norman Nathman
Avital Norman Nathman
Avital Norman Nathman is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Bitch Magazine (and Bitch Media), The Guardian UK,, Ms. Magazine,The Frisky, and more. You can catch her musing online about motherhood and feminism on Twitter and at her blog, The Mamafesto, which was named a Top 25 Political Blog by Circle of Moms. She is also the editor of "The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality."

Posts by Avital Norman Nathman:

  • Sep 23 2014
    Confessing Our Sins–Virtually!

    I’ve always loved the Jewish High Holidays. The blowing of the shofar, the time spent with family, the food (oh! the food!), and the overall sense of starting over with a clean slate. And now, as a parent, I’ve truly … Continue reading


  • Jun 30 2014
    The Hobby Lobby Decision Just Screwed Over a Whole Bunch of Women

    “The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.” –Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in her dissent of “Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.” Today, the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling that says the government can’t require certain employers to provide insurance coverage … Continue reading


  • Oct 23 2013
    The One Thing I Didn’t Expect My Son to be Surprised By

    Sometimes I forget that we live in a particular sort of liberal bubble here in our “Happy Valley.” And there are other times when it couldn’t be clearer. The other day I turned on the television so my son could … Continue reading


  • Mar 14 2013
    10 Ways to Add Some Girl Power to Your Seder

    Whether you weave in one, a few, or all 10 of these tips, consider honoring the matriarchal roots of Judaism this Passover with a little girl power fun at your seder this year. 1. Add an Orange & Coffee Bean … Continue reading


  • Jan 17 2013
    Let’s Get Real About Jewish LGBT Families

    Yesterday, we announced the launch of The Purim Superhero, the first LGBT-inclusive Jewish children’s book in English. Today, one mother reflects on initial reactions to the book. The other day, Kveller’s partner site posted on their Facebook page about a new children’s book … Continue reading


  • Jan 8 2013
    In Praise of the Meal Train

    I’ve never once been told not to eat when it came to my Jewish family. In fact, the opposite holds true. I’m usually not eating enough. Have some more matzah balls. Did you try the stuffed cabbage yet? Here, take … Continue reading


  • Dec 26 2012
    I Loved My Orthodox Jewish Doula

    Last week, Julie Satow expressed her disappointing experience with doulas during her first two births. This week, Avital offers a different perspective. When I was six months pregnant with my son, my husband and I ended up moving to another … Continue reading


  • Dec 20 2012
    No Guns (Not Even Pretend Ones) In My House

    We don’t have any toy guns in our house. Okay, that’s not 100 percent accurate. We have a handful of miniscule, grey, plastic Lego guns so tiny you don’t even notice them until you step–barefoot–upon them, and then you notice … Continue reading


  • Dec 11 2012
    A Christmas Lesson for My Jewish Son

    “…and I tried a new recipe this year, orange zested cranberry sauce. I think it was a hit. And the turkey! You should have seen the turkey we–” My friend, who I had been catching up with, suddenly stopped mid-sentence. … Continue reading


  • Dec 6 2012
    I Was Embarrassed of My Hebrew Name

    “How do you pronounce it? Ah-vee-tle? Ah-vie-tle?” “It’s pronounced Ah-vee-TAHL.” “Ah-vittle?” “Ah-vee-TAHL.” “Oh…yeah. I get it. That’s pretty.” I always dreaded the first day of class from ninth grade on. Because on that first day you had to sit through … Continue reading


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