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Jana Banin
Jana Banin is a freelance magazine writer and blogger. Her work has appeared in Parents, Time Out New York Kids, Ladies’ Home Journal, Parenting, Babytalk, Marie Claire, and other publications. Before writing mostly about little kids she wrote mostly about teenagers, working as an editor at both ym and Seventeen magazines. Jana lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three kids. She is currently writing a memoir about raising a child with autism.

Posts by Jana Banin:

  • Jul 8 2014
    Five Reasons I’m Sending My Son With Autism to Sleepaway Camp

    Typical parents are rarely surprised when I tell them Benjamin goes to sleepaway camp–at least not after I clarify that it’s a camp catering specifically to children with special needs. “It’s really structured,” I’ll explain. “Lots of staff members have … Continue reading


  • Nov 8 2013
    Friday Night: What Does “I Want Shabbat” Mean in Autism Speak?

    “I want Shabbat,” my son Benjamin proclaimed on a recent Saturday afternoon as the guests we’d invited over for lunch milled about the house. I looked up from the salad I was throwing together, certain I’d misunderstood him. Shabbat is … Continue reading


  • May 23 2013
    My Son Wants to Know About God… and Bacon Too

    This post is part of our month-long series featuring different ways that parents of various religions have talked to their kids about God. “I want to try bacon,” my 7-year-old son Zack declared the other night. “Well, bacon, like, really isn’t kosher,” I said … Continue reading


  • Mar 14 2013
    How I Prepare My Autistic Son for Passover

    Every year around this time I come down with an acute form of memory loss. I call it Passover Brain. With just two weeks to go before the first Seder, the panic sets in and suddenly it’s as if I’m … Continue reading


  • Sep 20 2012
    Nine Apologies to My Autistic Son

    The upside of your autistic 9-year-old making crazy massive gains? Obvious, I hope. The downside? Realizing that one day in the not-so-distant future, when he’s made even more progress, you might get called out on all the crap you said … Continue reading


  • Jun 25 2012
    Do All Our Kids Really Need to Feel Like Winners?

    On the last day of his after-school tennis program, my 6-year-old came home with a trophy. “Wow Zack, I’m so proud of you!” I said. “Why? Everyone got one.” His blasé tone shifted immediately and somewhat manically to intense excitement. … Continue reading


  • Apr 6 2012
    Autism, Passover, and Spring Cleaning

    Raising a child with autism comes with a lot of crap. I’m not talking about the stares from strangers or the battles with insurance companies and school boards. The crap I speak of today is of the tangible, dust-collecting variety.


  • Mar 1 2012
    I Just Got Dumped

    I was recently dumped. It’s the first time in years I’ve gone through a breakup, but it turns out I’m handling it exactly the same way I would have back in the day.


  • Jan 27 2012
    Friday Night: All Florida-Bashing Ceases on Shabbat

    Luckily for those obligated to listen to me, though, there is one 25-hour period each week when I cease all Florida bashing. See, on Shabbat, I kind of love it here.


  • Dec 27 2011
    Hanukkah, Autism, and Captain America

    My son Zack was 2 when his big brother noticed him for the first time.


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